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The SRPG2 combines quad PIR technology with advanced dual-tech glassbreak technology. This will provide a time saving, cost effective alternative to installing two seperate devices. The glassbreak portion uses a unique phased frequency circuitry which allows detection of both shock and glass breakage creating a high level of immunity to false alarms. This detector is combined with our PIR containing Crystal Vision technology. This technology is known to be five times more efficient than a traditional "soft fresnel" lens.


  • Specially designed, two detectors in one housing

  • Unique dual element pyro-sensor & hard spherical lens for outstanding detection,performance and elimination of false alarms

  • Shock and breakage detection with separate sensitivity adjustments

  • Allows detection of several windows with one detector

  • Unique signal analysis ignores environmental disturbances

  • Seperate relay outputs for PIR & glass breakage

Part Number

GBD-II Dual-pattern glassbreak detector (shock and frequency)

SRPG2 Combination PIR/Glasbreak Detector


Power Input

7.8 - 16 VDC

Current Consumption

16.5mA at 12 VDC
22 mA at 12 VDC

Detection Method

Dual element PIR & electret microphone


3.6° F (2° C) at 0.6m/sec

Detction Speed

0.5 - 1.5m/sec

Temperature Compensation


Pulse Count

1 Auto

Warm Up Period

20 Seconds

Alarm Period

1.6 Seconds

Alarm Output

N.C 28 Vdc 0.1A with 10 Ohm in line resistor

Tamper Switch

N.C 28 Vdc 0.1A with 10 Ohm in line resistor

LEDs Indicator:
Red - Alarm

Green - Shock
Yellow - Glass

Flashing - Glass & Break Detection
Constant Light

For testing & adjustment
For testing & adjustment

Operating Temperature

-4° F to 122° F (-20° C to +50° C)

RFI Protection

30V/m 10-1000MHz

EMI Protection

50,000 V of electrical interference from lighting

Visible Light Protection

Stable against halogen light 2.4 m or reflected light


137 x 70 x 53 mm


4.2 oz

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