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Quad Photobeam Detector
"Quad-50CS"; "Quad-100CS"; "Quad-150CS"; "Quad-200CS"; "Quad-250CS"


  • Laser beam alignment function (optional)

  • Buzzer sound (beep sound) for beam alignment. (same as barrier sensor)

  • Led indicators for beam strength. (5 Leds)

  • Beam alignment volt. testing points

  • Multi frequency (4 channels selectable)

  • Environment module: the environmental signal is initiated if the beam reception level is reduced by approx 50% or more, The module "watches" for a gradual degradation of the beam reception which is indicative of extremely poor weather conditions. N.C. or N.O. signal output is selectable.

  • Quad beams

  • Heater

  • Programmed A.G.C.

  • Input Volt.: AC/DC 12-24V

  • IP-55 ingress protection

  • Sensing range (outdoors): 50m/100m/150m/200m/250m

  • 440(H)x122(W)x85(D)

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