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A high performance, low current PIR with ASIC technology which reduces power consumption and dramatically increases battery life. This fully featured PIR is loaded with advanced technology, including stable operation in any commercially harsh environment. PowerWave PIRs come with a selectable Automatic Power Saver feature that reduces the power consumption and extends the life of the battery far beyond any competitor. This mean less service calls to you and greater customer satisfaction.


  • Ultra low current draw with ASIC technology

  • Interchangeable lenses

  • Environmental immunity

  • Automatic Temperature Compensation


59' x 60'

Wide Angle

70' x 6'

Vertical Curtain

100' x 20'

Long Range

PW-PIR Technical Specifications

Receiver Type

Super-heterodyne with Helical Resonator

Power Input

12 VDC - 16 VDCC

Standby Current Draw

15 mA

Active Current Draw

50 mA

Output Relay(s)

N/C contact.

Low Battery Output

Solid State Switch to GND (220)

Decoder (Data) Output

3.3 K

Transmitter Code Memory

30 Transmitter Max

Output Connection

Full Terminal Strip


304 Mhz

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