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"TL 360"

The Talon-360 incorporates the exclusive Crow designed MicroPrism Lens, which provides uncompromising catch due to its unique design. Only a Talon PIR is as fast and reliable in detecting movement towards the detector, as it is across the PIR zones. No PIR has ever had such a combination of sensitivity and reliability with total immunity to false alarm signals. The MicroPrism Lens makes all the difference.

Until the Talon Series, no detector could claim the same sensitivity to movement when the motion was directed towards the PIR. Now, the Talon series sets a new standard that all other motion sensors will be judged by.


  • Incredible 65' diameter coverage when mounted at 12'

  • Attack-proof hardened lens

  • 4 element sensor w/ range adjustment

  • High immunity to florescent lights

  • RFI & EMI interface



65' (20m)

MicroPrism Lens

Attack Proof Hardened Lens with Micro Prism Technology


7 Years

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +50°C (-4°Fto +122°F)

Sensitivity Across the Zones

3.6°F @ 2ft/sec (2°C @ 0.6m/sec)

Power Input

8.2 - 16 Vdc

Pulse Count

1, auto 2,-3

Temperature Compensation


Alarm Output

N.C. 28VDC 0.1A with 10 Ohm Series Protection Resistor

Tamper Switch

N.C. 28 Vdv 0.1A with 10 Ohm Series Protection Resistor
Opens When The Cover Is Removed

RFI Protection

30V/m @ 10 - 1000Mhz


50,000 Lightning/Power Through Electrical Interference


4.3" x 1.7" (110 x 45mm)


4.37oz (123gr)

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